Due to the increase in fuel costs, The Dump Guy will be temporarily adding a gas surcharge fee to all pickups.
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Heavy Hauling

So you have a heavy item you want to remove? Please give us a call, we are always up for the challenge.

We will haul mobile homes, garages, sheds, boats, concrete steps and much more! 

Boat Hauling

We can haul your old or junk boat away. Just make sure that there is no fuel in the tank.

Pricing will be determined by weight and access to the boat.

Junk Camper Hauling

Need to get rid of that old camper? Not a problem. Pricing will be determined by size, weight, and access to the camper. 

The camper must be structurally sound in order to safely remove it.

We have a 32 foot flatbed trailer with a winch. 

Unique Items

So you have an unusual item or unique project? Please call us, we are always up for the challenge.