Due to the increase in fuel costs, The Dump Guy will be temporarily adding a gas surcharge fee to all pickups.
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Trash Removal & Hauling Services in Maine and NH

From one-item pickups to complete estate trash-outs, call on the trash removal services of The Dump Guy

Junk Removal Services

Cleaning out your basement, garage, or attic? Need to get rid of that old junk that is just sitting around? If you're in need of junk or trash removal, give us a call. We can provide a rough estimate over the phone and schedule the job around your needs. Once we arrive we will set a definitive price. At this point, all you have to do is sit back, relax and watch your junk disappear! Two team members are always at each job.

Junk haul before in a basement

What do we haul?

We basically haul everything ranging from old appliances, construction debris, furniture, brush, and household trash. We do full clean-outs of basements, attics, garages, apartments and entire properties. Anything two people can lift (special arrangements can be made if more than two people are needed, however, notification needs to be made in advance). We'll even remove your shed or garage that you don't want anymore!

junk haul basement after

Our Rates


To provide the most fair price to you, we charge based on the volume of your removal needs, not on how long the job takes. Our staff is young, in shape, and energetic, enabling the most efficient service.

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Sorry we're not a moving company, we just haul junk to the dump.